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Watch Founder’s story from The Global Education and Leadership Foundation (tGELF)’s LIFE event in 2015

Being in the most remote and impoverished regions of the world pose huge barriers to education. Lack of basic infrastructure and qualified teachers at school, and acute poverty at home hinder millions of children from receiving quality education. Being in remote locations, these children lack necessary support from governments and from donor agencies.

I got to experience these situations first-hand in my life. In my childhood, I had to walk 3 days to reach the nearest city to see electricity, roads and children in uniform going to school. Inspired by these children, my parents admitted me to the only boarding school in our district headquarter of Kalikot district in Western Nepal, but the school shut down in my sixth grade owing to the bomb threat from the insurgents during the ongoing civil war. I luckily got scholarship to study in Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal, but my friends did not have any choice than fleeing to India or becoming farmers. Then, in my 12th grade, when I had high hopes, both of my parents accidently passed away, and I had to return to my remote village permanently. I started a non-profit school for the poor and disadvantaged at the age of 19 with the help of local villagers. The school provided innovative opportunities for quality education, and brought a new hope to the local community.

After 4 years, I got a scholarship to pursue my higher education in the US. Meanwhile, inspired by the impact and potential of the first school and the support from many people, I was encouraged to make an impact at a bigger scale through starting a non-profit. Thus, Impact Schools was founded.

We hope you will join hands to educate the children devoid of basic educational opportunities in the far remote corners of the world so that they may gain skills and opportunities to make the world a better place.

Prakash Bista

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