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Project Significance

Impact Schools builds and supports primarily low-cost independent schools with a non-profit status, established in the most remote districts in Nepal with a sole intention of providing quality education to impoverished communities. With our experience and research, we have found that these schools are less likely to be politically influenced, less likely to face bureaucratic hurdles, and more likely to be accountable, efficient and result-oriented. However, Impact Schools will also build and support public schools in some cases if it is not viable for non-profit schools to be opened, and if public schools are better suited to a particular geography and population.

Project Locations

Impact Schools currently has its school projects in two locations in Kalikot district in Nepal. Situated in the erstwhile Mid-Western Development Region of Nepal, Kalikot district has consistently been counted among the poorest districts in Nepal with the lowest Human Development Index (HDI) in Nepal. According to the UN report 2014, people in Kalikot district on average live on $1.58 a day, almost half of the national average, and residents receive formal schooling for two and a half years on average. Current project locations of Impact Schools in Kalikot lack basic infrastructure like road, electricity and running water.

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