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Impact Schools strives to provide the highest quality possible through its schools to the most remote communities. To make quality education possible, Impact Schools supports teachers through the Rural Teaching Fellowship, teacher training, as well as IT labs, solar power systems and IT equipment so that the students receive the tools they need for quality education. Impact Schools takes quality seriously and thus schools are constantly monitored to ensure that they meet the Impact Schools’ quality standards.

See Impact Schools’ Quality Standards:

  • Teachers and students should be regular in class. Teachers’ and students’ attendance in class should be taken very strictly.
  • Schools should be financially transparent. They should make their income and expenditure documents so that they can be easily viewed by the public.
  • Schools should have substantial support to students in need of extra help.
  • Schools should have a culture of care and an ethical standard to help students grow emotionally, socially and mentally so that they can be ethical leaders in future.
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