We at Impact Schools strive to provide innovative educational opportunities to the world's impoverished and remote communities with a low-cost model guided by our 100% transparency.

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We use a multidimensional approach to education so that local communities can be positively impacted and the children from poorest families can have access to high quality education and leadership skills, while maintaining financial independence and sustainability of the schools.

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Sponsor Orphans and Students from Extremely Disadvantaged Backgrounds at an Incredibly Low-Cost (Just $380 a year for education, room, board and all expenses). 100% of donations go directly to benefit the sponsored children.

Smriti Bogati (Sponsored by Jeane Mayr)

Smriti is Eight years old. She comes from a nearby village called Rupsa. Smriti's dad has been out of contact for Seven...

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Nirdesh Shahi (Sponsored by Cooper Biggers)

Nirdesh is just 5 years old. His father passed away during his seasonal work in Accham district in Western Nepal. Since...

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Durga Sahakari (Sponsored by Justin Barr)

Durga is 8 years old. His dad fell off the cliff/hill and passed away in 2016. Then his mom eloped with another man. He...

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Upendra Roka Magar (Sponsored by Mariana Mesanelli Nunes)

Upendra is 8 years old. He comes from Accham district in Western Nepal. His dad passed away because of some wounds, and...

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Anil Bohora (Sponsored by Carey Weiss)

Anil is 8 years old. His dad died of blood cancer when he was 3-4 and his mother ran away with another man just 5-6 days...

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Dhir Shah (Sponsored by Laura Munter)

Dhir is 7 years old. His dad passed away because of a stomach infection when Dhir was 20 days old. His mom passed away o...

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Durga Shah (Sponsored by Kaye Cleave)

Durga Shah is 8 years old. Durga’s father passed away when she was a year old because of a stomach infection. Her mother...

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Prakash Nepali (Sponsored by Deepti Tanjore)

Prakash is 5 years old.  He lost his father from lung infection when he was 2 years old. His mom ran away with another m...

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Umesh Shahi (Sponsored by Hin Foong)

Umesh is 9 years old. In November of 2013, while his father was in Kedarnath for labor work he was killed tragically in...

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Dinesh Bohora (Sponsored by Wendy Harder)

Dinesh is 8 years old. A few years ago, his father was killed by a local villager in India during his seasonal labor wor...

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Urmila Darji (Sponsored by Kristin Kuyper)

Urmila is 9 years old. She is from a Dalit caste (so-called lower caste) and from an extremely poor family background. H...

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Saraswati Bista (Sponsored by Sara Bolder)

Saraswoti is 9 years old. 2 years ago, her mother murdered her dad with a knife when her parents fought regarding family...

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Anita Bista (Sponsored by Ellen Boccuzzi)

Anita Bista is 8 years old. Her dad passed away in a hospital in Mumbai during his work there a few years ago. Locals be...

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Arjun Sunar (Sponsored by Mary Patrick)

Arjun is 8 years old. He comes from the Dalit caste (so-called untouchable) and from an extremely poor family background...

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